Cyber Security Professional

Cyber Security Professional

Ethical Hacking and Prevention (Security Risk Assessment) Proactive Defense and Countermeasures Incident Response and Management


Key Benefits of the Program

This is a Penetration Testing & Information Security Training Program. The training provides you an intensive session which will empower you with knowledge in a simplified and easily graspable manner. In the training, we teach our students how hackers break into the systems, network, mobiles and website so as to make them
aware of the possible loopholes a n d therefore, making them proficient in reverse penetration. By doing so, they are able to create a virtual wall b et wean their data and the hackers. This training will enable you to carry out attacking as well as defensive method ologies which will help you and your organization to not only protect b u t also assess the safety and vulnerability ratio.

Our Course Objective

At the e n d of this course, participants will b e able to:

• Understand an d perform Information Gathering o n Digital Foot Prints
• Understand Email attacks and will be able to protect their email accounts as well
as social networking accounts from these attacks
• Analyze Malwares from a computer system an d remove them manually
• Understand Web Application Attacks an d will be able to patch them to produce a
secure web application.
• Understand windows memory management and assembly language to perform
basic Reverse Engineering
• Understand Enterprise Network Security Architecture
• Understand Exploitation
• Understand Wireless Security
• Understand Security Architecture of mobile Platforms



Course Name

Cyber Security Professional


Degree in Computer Science, IT, Systems Engineering, or a similar field. Two years of work experience in cyber security-related duties such as incident detection and response, and forensics.

Class Fees

~ INR 0,000 (incl. taxes)

Cost of Living




Mode of Teaching